About Us

The Capper Lounge provides a sports tipping community where users can follow sports tipsters, receive their tips and check the accuracy of their tips.

This is what we’ve been working towards since Day 1. Capper Lounge was created to help football fans connect with reputable tipsters and get the right information about football betting.

Capper Lounge is the undisputed leader in this niche, with over 500 monthly active users and some of the most experienced tipsters online.

Capper Lounge is the only place that has anything close to a real-time record of verified tipsters with a track record of success.

Finding the best football betting tips used to be difficult, but Capper Lounge ranks daily every tip that our tipster profiles have been made, to help you establish which predictions offer the most value. You can use our comparison charts to find which tipsters webpages are suitable for your football betting needs.

Many users follow tipsters in their favourite betting style, but some follow tipsters to compliment their own knowledge and to widen their football betting portfolio – which reduces variance and can be critical when it comes to being a profitable sports bettor.

With a focus on football betting tips and a growing number tipsters pages, Capper Lounge is home to many world-class betting tipsters with a proven track record.

Whilst there are plenty of professional football tipsters on the platform, there are also many tipsters who wants to be part of us in the near future. Our platform allows tipsters to verify their results and demonstrate their credibility, giving you the tools you need to make the right betting decisions.

Punters have access to tips and wagers on several soccer betting types. A punter looking to make a wager on a single game, doubles, trebles or big odds combo’s – there is the right place to find what are you search for. Choose your betting page and gain the latest tips and soccer predictions today.

* All profits are based on 100€ stake!
** Suitable for serious bettors, or use a betting system!
*** For more days packages, or other payment methods, please contact us!